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About Us

The vision of the Theology of Work Project is that every Christian be equipped and committed for work as God intends. A Christian approach makes work more meaningful and productive, benefits society and the people we work with and for, gets us through the challenges we face on the job, draws people to Jesus, and brings glory to God.  

The Theology of Work Project (TOW) is the deepest, largest, and most trusted source of biblical, theological, and pastoral material related to work. Most of our materials are available free of charge on this website, although we have a few print-only publications available at our online bookstore. Our cornerstone resource, the Theology of Work Bible Commentary, is the only commentary covering what the entire Bible says about work. It is in use by over 60 partner organizations, dozens of seminaries, and hundreds of churches.

TOW Project resources are meant to be both theologically rigorous and genuinely practical. We are committed to bringing the Bible into the lived experience of work in every sphere of society. The Bible has an incredible wealth of counsel for work. Nearly 900 passages apply to ordinary work. TOW materials on topics such as calling, conflict at work, performance, ethics, finance, fear of failure, difficult bosses, rest, truth and deception, and changing jobs have been used by millions of individuals and small groups. Leading figures in the faith-and-work movement endorse and use TOW resources.

The TOW Project also incorporates The High Calling. The High Calling was one of the earliest, largest and most-used online publications dedicated to the integration of faith and work. It was developed and operated for many years by the H. E. Butt Family Foundation. In 2016 the Foundation and the TOW Project created a partnership to host The High Calling and all its materials here on the TOW Project. If you search this website, materials from The High Calling are included in the search. If you want to access The High Calling materials directly, they can be found at The High Calling home page

The Theology of Work Project is an independent, international non-profit organization.