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30435 Commerce Dr. #103
Tampa Bay FL 33576
Richard Hayes - CEO Nikki Hayes - Marketing Manager

About Us

Digital Lightbridge is a strategic marketing firm that delivers dynamic advertising and communications solutions for corporations that require an integrated branding approach to the execution of their marketing and sales strategy.

If you value experience, you’ll love the team that I have assembled to build your brand. Digital Lightbridge, founded in early 2001, has the perfect mix of talented millennial leaders and seasoned creative professionals that are ready to meet the emerging challenges and exciting opportunities that your organization faces today and near future. We can develop an agile, strategic plan that will deliver robust results.

Personally, I bring over 30 years of diverse industry knowledge to your project. Over that time, I have created strategic marketing solutions for over 500 companies and helped many brands achieve success. As the Founder and CEO of Digital Lightbridge, I have the honor of orchestrating our talent into a solution for each individual project. We’ve assembled a team that can provide world-class services, tailored to fit your goals and objectives. 

Please feel welcome to contact me anytime.

Warmest regards and press on, Rich

Richard W. Hayes, CEO